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Killer Queen

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Killer Queen – This 10-player real-time strategy platform video arcade game incorporates elements of the classic 80’s games Joust and Starcraft with the addition of a giant snail. The game is visually charming, incredibly addictive and will grab your attention as soon as you start playing.

To play, two teams face-off against each other led by a powerful Queen trying to achieve one of two objectives 1) Bring the giant snail god home and fill their hive with nectar or 2) Assassinate the enemy Queen.

There are several strategies you can use in Killer Queen. The simplest strategies involve collecting a slew of berries and bringing them back to your base and riding a slowly moving snail towards your goal. The philosophy behind these strategies is to subtly creep your way to winning status while your opponents are lost in the commotion.

If you want to try a bolder approach you can win by slaying your enemy’s queen three times. But that’s easier said than done. Each team has four grunts and one queen. The queen has wings allowing her to flutter about like the avatars in Joust. The grunts, however, merely run around on the ground and must level up before they have any offensive capabilities. To level up the grunts must bring berries to the gates tagged by your team’s queen.

We haven’t seen such an excitement over a video game in 25 years – probably not since Street Fighter II’s release in early 90’s.

This is the game “you can play with your friends just like the good old days”.

Killer Queen arcade game is available for rent. Killer Queen game comes in two oversized cabinets, each with 52” LCD monitor and 5 controllers for 5 players.

Dimensions: 5’W x 2.5’L x 6’H
Power: 120v AC, 5amp

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