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The 10 Best Arcade Games of the 80s

Remember the thrill of stepping into a buzzing arcade, where you couldn’t wait to try and beat the high score? U.S. Arcade Rentals brings that electrifying 80s arcade experience directly to your events, offering a blast from the past (or a new introduction to the joy we all once knew) with our extensive collection of … Read more

How Does an Arcade Rental Company Work?

Whether you’re planning a corporate retreat, a community fundraiser, or a private party, arcade games can elevate the entertainment factor of any event. If you’ve ever considered bringing that unique arcade magic to your next gathering, you might wonder how an arcade rental company operates. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how companies like U.S. Arcade … Read more

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pop a shot dual shot basketball arcade game

Pop A Shot Dual Shot BasketBall

golden tee 2022 arcade game

Golden Tee 2022

skeeball arcade game


PAC-MAN’s Arcade Party

air hockey table

Air Hockey

Cruis’n USA