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Hoverball Bullseye

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Hoverball Bullseye Safe Archery for rent is a new exciting and challenging game for all ages! Grab a bow and a foam tipped safe arrow and try to knock off one of the floating balls that are suspended by air! Soft foam tip, offers the same flight characteristics of a standard arrow yet is much safer. This allows opportunities to shoot indoors. The large foam tip makes it great for the kids to shoot in the backyard. No more lost arrows! Hoverball Bullseye Safe Archery for rent is a fun activity that enhances eye-hand coordination, increases upper body strength, and helps to develop self-discipline.

Hoverball Bullseye Safe Archery rental is a real crowd pleaser! The game popular for kids and adults. A very popular choice for Birthday Parties, Olympic Sport Parties, Camps, Youth Groups, Scouts, Corporate Functions, Public Events, Public Venues, HOA parties, Fundraisers and more! This is an interactive game that can be setup as a two player or four player game for team competition. Rented Hoverball Bullseye Archery can be setup indoor or outdoor. For outdoor setup we can provide custom tent to protect the game from the sun and wind gust.

Dimensions: Space required for one game 10’W x 14’L x 8’H
Power: 120v AC, 12amps

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Hoverball Bullseye