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Golden Tee PGA Tour

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golden tee pga tour arcade game

Golden Tee PGA Tour allows players to play golf without leaving the comfort of the arcade. This sports game features realistic graphics and allows players to choose their own clubs, adjust their swing, and control the power and spin of their shots. The gameplay is designed to be intuitive, so even those who have never played golf before can easily pick up the game. The game includes multiple courses and modes, including single player, multiplayer, and tournament play. The game’s unique trackball interface allows players to simulate the feel of swinging a golf club and provides a fun and engaging arcade experience.

The arcade cabinet is equipped with an enhanced control panel that boasts a 5-inch touchscreen display, replacing the traditional keypad. Players can log in to their accounts with ease using this screen, and it is designed to offer quick access to other in-game features in the near future.

Power: 3amps, 120v
Dimensions : H x 87″ W x 54″ D x 54″

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