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Donkey Kong Jr.

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donkey kong jr. arcade game machine

An Arcade Classic! In this classic arcade game from Nintendo you control Donkey Kong Jr. as you leap across platforms, climb vines and avoid enemies to rescue his father, who has been captured by Mario’s the villain in a video game. This game is the sequel to the famous Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong, after being defeated by Mario, has been entrusted into his care. However, his son, appears and attempts to rescue his father. Mario takes his keys and places them in the building he fought Donkey Kong in. To stop Junior, Mario unleashes several circus animals, but he escapes them and makes it to Mario’s headquarters. The two face off but the building begins to crumble. Donkey Kong Jr. saves senior and the two set off together.

There are a total of four stages, each with a unique theme. He can run left and right, jump, and grab vines/chains/ropes to climb higher on the screen. He can slide down faster by holding only one vine or climb faster by holding two. Enemies include “Snapjaws”, which resemble bear traps with eyes; bird-like creatures called “Nitpickers”, some of which can attack by dropping eggs; and “Sparks” which roam across the wiring in one of Mario’s hideouts. He can jump over these enemies while on platforms, switch from one vine/chain/rope to another to dodge them or knock down pieces of fruit that will destroy every enemy they touch before falling off the bottom of the screen.

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Dimensions: 34″L x 24″W;
Power Requirements: 1 @ 5 AMPS;

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