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Guns N’ roses Pinball

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guns n' roses pinball machine

Guns N’ Roses Pinball is a rock-themed pinball machine featuring music, sounds, and artwork from the iconic band. The gameplay involves hitting various targets and ramps to progress through the game’s modes and songs. There are six different GNR songs that players can select, each with its unique ruleset and objectives. The machine features a variety of toys and interactive features, such as a spinning record player, a guitar neck ball lock, and a molded GNR skull shooter knob. Additionally, there are various multiball modes, including a “Welcome to the Jungle” multiball and a “Not in This Lifetime” wizard mode. Overall, the gameplay is fast-paced, exciting, and provides a fun pinball experience for both GNR fans and pinball enthusiasts alike.

Dimensions: 58” L x 29” W x 76” H
Power: 120v, 3amps

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