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Mario Kart Arcade GP DX

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mario kart arcade racing simulator

In Mario Kart Arcade GP DX, players can choose to race as one of their favorite Mario Kart characters, each with their own unique abilities and kart. The game features a range of different tracks, including classic favorites from the Mario Kart franchise, as well as new tracks designed specifically for the arcade game. Players can also use power-ups to give themselves an advantage during the race, such as speed boosts, item boxes, and more. Additionally, the game features multiple game modes, including Grand Prix, Time Trial, and Battle Mode, giving players a variety of ways to enjoy the game. The arcade cabinet also features a large screen and immersive sound system, making the gameplay experience all the more exciting.

Power: 120v, 3 amps – 1 unit
Dimensions: Width: 41″ x Height: 94″ x Depth: 63″ – 1 unit

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