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Terminator Salvation

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Terminator Salvation Arcade Game Rentals

Terminator Salvation is an arcade shooter is based on one of the all-time best-selling Sci-Fi franchises – Terminator. Terminator Salvationis sure to be a smash hit with arcade players and fans, capturing all of the thrills and excitement of the mega-hit movie and then some. Glowing neon rifle holders and a replica T-600 marquee topper with gleaming red eyes complete Play Mechanix’s ultimate “showcase” piece. Players are right on the firing line as droves of T-600 robots attempt to thwart their resistance. Heavy-duty recoiling rifles, showcasing a new “Clip” action reload feature, add a depth of realism unparalleled in any arcade shooter. Players can add to their arsenal by securing a number of distinct and explosive weapons to battle a variety of menacing combatants throughout the game. Every aspect of Terminator Salvation™ promotes high traffic, high replay and longevity in earnings!

We will deliver this arcade game to make your event more fun and memorable! And we will come back.

Dimensions: 85 1/2″H x 38″W x 45″D – 438 lbs

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