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Mario Bros

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Mario and Luigi, the Mario Brothers must try to get rid of Shell creepers turtles, Sidesteppers crabs need to be hit twice, and Fighter flies only be defeated while they touch the platform who come pouring out of the waterworks. Hit the floor beneath them to flip them over, then kick them into the water. Later, the Slip ice will come out and freeze the platforms making your traction very poor. As this classic game progresses water drops hang below the platforms and freeze into deadly icicles which fall soon after. Keep track of the green fireballs as they will appear more frequently. The red fireball can also be a menace. If you have to you can hit the fireballs from below when they touch the platform. Beware of hitting the red fireball. It rapidly reappears and moves much faster. Hit the POW platform to knock over your enemies and destroy fireballs. Be wise, you only get three per level.

We will deliver this arcade to make your event more fun and memorable!

Power: 3 amps, 120v
Dimensions: 27.5” W x 33.5” D x 67.5” H

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