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Lethal Enforcers

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Lethal Enforcers is a 1992 light gun shooter released as an arcade video game by Konami. The player assumes control of a Chicago Police Department officer named Don Marshall. Officer Marshall is suprisingly at a donut shop for a break. While sipping his coffee, he gets a call from his dispatcher. They realize that a major crime organization has invaded town, and they need his help on the double. He is one of the two survivors of an elite group of officers. The rest have ended up in the hospital or killed. He is going to experience the toughest job that he would have during his years in the police force. Lethal Enforcers has six stages (including the Training Stage): “The Bank Robbery”, “Chinatown Assault”, “The Hijacking”, “The Drug Dealers”, and “Chemical Plant Sabotage”. During each stage, the player must shoot the armed robbers without harming any civilians or fellow policemen.

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