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Deluxe Face Place Photo Booth is the “classic” style booth. The photo booth is fully enclosed and provides privacy for guests that want to create that unique pose. The only “classic” thing about this photo booth is the look. The images produced by the photo booth are high-quality digital images printed onto glossy photo paper in … Read more

Guitar Hero™ Arcade offers players the chance to select their favorite song from a library of 50 popular titles. Choose either lead or bass guitar & rock with your favorite band. A 32″ LCD monitor allows the player to join the band on stage and the High-Def Graphics give the players an in-your-face experience, unique … Read more

Hoverball Bullseye Safe Archery for rent is a new exciting and challenging game for all ages! Grab a bow and a foam tipped safe arrow and try to knock off one of the floating balls that are suspended by air! Soft foam tip, offers the same flight characteristics of a standard arrow yet is much safer. … Read more

Pac hits the big screen in this version of the classic arcade game. Have you ever wanted to play your favorite game on a video billboard?! Well here is your chance to play the classics like you never have before. It also plays Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga! Power: 120v, 5 ampsDimensions: 69″W x 105″H Depth … Read more

These are the original alley games! As a game of skill and action, skeeball entices the player to play game after game in order to beat his or her own score. The Skeeball machine is a proven crowd pleaser and a huge hit with players. This game is a rush for any carnival or boardwalk … Read more

Classic bar style pool tables. Solid playing surfaces and size make these pool tables popular at bars, clubs and special events. The Dynamo Pro is a traditional push chute table, and features clean maple finish aprons with triple plated corner castings. Exclusive quiet package reduces noise of ball return system. Whether you need one or … Read more

NBA Game Time is the all new mid-sized basketball game from ICE. Redesigned with the same ICE quality, made in the USA, but now incorporates new swish gameplay features, eye-catching LED lighting, slam dunk sound effects. The brand new NBA Gametime Basketball comes with brand new game play and incorporates bright, attractive LED lighting, a … Read more

Get behind the wheel of the world’s top high-performance cars, including the 450-horsepower Dodge Viper GTS, the nimble Lotus Elise, the BMW Z8, and the fastest production Corvette ever made, the Z06. With a mix of high-end American muscle and top European exotics, Need For Speed GT has cars that will appeal to all players. … Read more

An original pinball experience celebrating the iconic American TV hit sitcom, The Munsters. Players will be transported to 1313 Mockingbird Lane, joining the entire Munsters family on this haunted pinball adventure. Featuring Herman, Raven, Lily, Spot, and Grandpa, players will work their way towards Munster Madness in this frightfully funny and action-packed pinball world under … Read more

Mario and Luigi, the Mario Brothers must try to get rid of Shell creepers turtles, Sidesteppers crabs need to be hit twice, and Fighter flies only be defeated while they touch the platform who come pouring out of the waterworks. Hit the floor beneath them to flip them over, then kick them into the water. … Read more

Pole Position was produced by Atari in 1982. Race your Indy car around the Fuji course before the timer runs out. The first run is the qualifying lap and your starting position is determined by your completion time. Avoid road hazards and other cars as you drive, earning extra time for each completed lap. Dimensions: … Read more

Tron is based on scenes from the Walt Disney movie of the same name, this game has four distinct games per level: Light cycles, Grid Bugs, Tanks, and the MPC Cone. All four games must be completed before you can advance to the next level. Dimensions: 26″W x 30″L x 74″HPower: 120v AC, 3amps

Q*bert is an isometric platform game with puzzle elements where the player controls the titular protagonist from a third-person perspective. Q*bert starts each game at the top of an isometric pyramid of cubes, and moves by jumping diagonally from cube to cube. Landing on a cube causes it to change color, and changing every cube … Read more

Big Buck HD transports you to the prehistoric land of the Irish Elk and chase down the majestic Irish Elk and new dangerous trophy animals from 900 B.C. Enjoy three new bonus games; Wild West, Cockroaches, and Volcano! This is just the beginning with a new animal and new bonus games being released in 2016 … Read more

Batman Driving Arcade Game is a 2013 arcade Driving combat Arcade game developed by Spectacular Interactive and released by Raw Thrills. Game Features: 10 Batmobiles to choose from Every Batmobile ever!36 missions (Easy to Hard) plus aerial missions featuring The Bat3 unique, cinematic boss battlesMission-based gameplay encourages continue play6 awesome power-ups (Jump Jet, Batarang, Cannon, … Read more

BIG BUCK WORLD makes it a truly global hunting experience and it will blow away locations while attracting new players with competitive game play and non-stop action. Players can take aim at a staggering 17 animals that include 3 NEW Safari Outback animals. Ibex, Rusa Deer and Blackbuck. In addition, there are 18 Trophy Animals, 77 … Read more

Silver Strike Bowling – Bowler’s Club is a bowling arcade game using trackball to control bowling ball on the screen. The game is using same technology as Golden Tee type games, an arcade golf game. The players are playing standard bowling games or they can select the Vegas Tournament option allowing players to draw cards … Read more

In Jurassic Park Arcade™ you must rescue the dinosaurs on an island run amok! Use your high-powered tranquilizer gun to subdue menacing dinosaurs and restore order to the island. Game Features: Dimensions: 118″H x 53.5″W x 80″DPower: 120v, 3 amps

Arcade Legends 3™ Upright Multi-Game Video Arcade Game Machine with New LCD Monitor! The only fully authentic licensed multigame arcade machine on the market! Arcade Legends 3 comes with 135 authentic classic video games wrapped in its commercial quality cabinet. Games are selected using the scrolling on-screen menu using the joystick, and game operating instructions … Read more

Killer Queen – This 10-player real-time strategy platform video arcade game incorporates elements of the classic 80’s games Joust and Starcraft with the addition of a giant snail. The game is visually charming, incredibly addictive and will grab your attention as soon as you start playing. To play, two teams face-off against each other led … Read more

Gauntlet Dark Legacy is an arcade game released in 1998 by Atari Games. It is a fantasy themed hack and slash game, a sequel to 1985’s popular Gauntlet and marks the final game in the series to be produced by Atari Games. Its unusual features for an arcade game included passwords and characters that could … Read more

MEGATOUCH is a card and video game that features a small footprint usually reserved for a bar top or portable stand. The game has over 150 different games – from solitaire to centipede to poker – there is something for everyone. The Megatouch is a touch screen machine. Dimensions: 24″W x 24″L x 12″HPower: 120v … Read more

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