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Fright Fear Land

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fright fear land arcade game

Fright Fear Land is an arcade shooter game that immerses players in a dark and eerie amusement park. Players take on the role of a park employee who must fend off waves of zombies and other creepy creatures while trying to escape the park. The game features multiple levels, each with their own unique theme and boss battles.

Players use a light gun to shoot at targets on the screen, and can also use various power-ups and special weapons to gain an edge in combat. The game’s graphics and sound effects are designed to create a spooky and immersive atmosphere, adding to the overall sense of tension and horror.

Fright Fear Land is an action-packed and thrilling arcade game that is sure to provide a scary and exciting experience for players of all skill levels.

Power: 120v, 3amps
Dimensions: 52” W x 57” D x 110” H

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