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Giant Lite Brite

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Create art like never before with the Giant Lite Brite! This jumbo-sized version of the classic toy allows for endless creativity and fun. With a massive display board and over-sized pegs, you can make larger-than-life designs that will impress everyone. Plus, the LED lights make your artwork glow in the dark, adding an extra element of excitement. Perfect for parties, events, and creative minds of all ages!

Unleash your creativity with the Illumination station logo board! It can serve as the centerpiece of any event and also be used as a canvas for guests to express themselves. This interactive piece can be rented for team-building activities, ice breakers, or team games for kids. Let guests write messages by inserting pegs into the board and watch them light up like LED lights. Create welcome signs or use it in a game room to keep employees’ creative juices flowing and generate fresh ideas.

96″W x 24″L x 72″H
Power: 120v AC, 1amps

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