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Deadpool Pinball

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Deadpool Pinball is a fast-paced, action-packed pinball machine that features the iconic Marvel character as the centerpiece. Players are tasked with completing various modes by hitting specific shots on the playfield, all while battling villains from the Deadpool universe. The game features a variety of multi-ball modes, including a unique “Merc with a Mouth” mode where Deadpool’s speech bubbles appear on the display and players must hit those shots to progress.

There are also several team-up modes where players can enlist the help of other Marvel heroes such as Wolverine and Dazzler. The game is known for its humor and irreverence, with Deadpool frequently breaking the fourth wall and interacting with the player.

Power: 120v, 3 amps
Dimensions: 27″W x 55″L x 76″H

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